Thursday, September 29, 2011


this past saturday was a pretty chill day, the kind where we had no plans, no prior appointments, just a lot of time to spend with each other. These are by far my favorite kinds of days. We went on a long drive looking at cool houses we had not yet discovered, and we found this cute little beach.

I had time to do a little project where I took some boring, kinda ugly ikea mirror squares and changed them from this...

to this..

its amazing what a little spray paint can do!

day 11

today was very very difficult for me. My legs were feeling very stiff today, but I somehow made it through and still got in a 4 mile run. It blows my mind how true mind over matter is. I really was thinking, just make it to 2 miles and we will call it a day. But then I was like, hey, I know I can run the full 4 miles. Even though my legs were crying a little, they made it all the way through. I think that my body is starting to change, just a little, but I can tell the difference. It really is not that hard exercise 30 minutes a day, you just have to make the time, and make the effort and you can do it. I have really come to realize that there really is no excuse for ME to go on a run one time a day. Im not doing anything amazing or anyhting, just getting out on a run one time a day. I can make this a habit, and I am choosing to do so. Eating was a little easier today. I have been trying to cut my portions down just a little, and focus on eating more vegetables. I had a small bowl of oatmeal this morning, part of a 6 inch subway for lunch with apples (ben surprised me for lunch and we went on a picnic, hence the subway sandwhich), for snack a bowl of veggies and half of a banana with pb, and dinner was a salad with teriyaki chicken and one hard boiled egg in it, no need for dressing! yum. I'm pretty sure ill be eating a 100cal personalized bag of popcorn too. :) overall a good day. I am changing for the better and I like it.


Doyle, Chelsea and Baby on the Way said...

that beach is gorgeous! i wish we lived where you guys live, i'm so jealous!

Wes and Lindsey Cardall said...

I always know that if I want to look at someone's blog to get jealous of all the fun and exciting things they do, it is yours! And you make me want to live by the beach! And I like your fitness blog too. I wish we lived closer to you guys cuz we like to be active and healthy too :)

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