Wednesday, September 21, 2011


So both of my entries where just erased. Bum-mer. Welp, here are some very condensed versions of them, I'm not writing it all over again! But first, I just wanted to say that I am posting these fitness journals for myself mostly. It's good for me to write out what I'm doing and feeling through this whole process of getting on a work out schedule and forming healthy eating habits. It's good to have a place that I know I have to report to. It makes it a little easier to stay on track. Also, I started doing this whole thing because I was inspired by someone else's blog to do it, so maybe mine will help someone else, (who knows!) anyways,

Day 2

Today I woke up and had 1 slice of whole wheat toast, with no butter, (I don't like butter on toast) and 1egg over easy. I also I had 1/2 cup of cooked oatmeal. Later for a snack i had a nectarine. I went on my daily run today and felt amazing for the first mile and a half. At two miles I felt like I could not breath, and by mile three I still felt like I could not breath and I was getting dizzy, kinda weird. So, i ran three miles today. I am still really struggling with drinking lots of water, I really need to work on this. I had a banana and steamed fresh carrots and then headed to scouts. For dinner it was whole wheat grilled cheese with homemade tomatoe soup. I am trying very hard not to eat after 8pm, but I did not do it tonight, I'm such a late night snacker. I am going to get rid of this habit, self control! Tomorrow I will do better. I think I need to eat a more filling dinner so I don't feel the need to snack.

Day 3

Today I awoke and made myself some whole wheat blackberry pancakes with a little bit of homemade peach jam on top, with an apple. I went out to do my run and there were tons of these nasty little bugs flying all over the track and they kept landing on me,(it was grossing me out), so I made it to one mile and I couldnt take it anymore so I will go back later, probably after writing this to finish running. I also did a great ab work out, and some more work outs that focus on my bum. I need to find some different cardio work outs to switch my routine up a bit, and I need to find some good arm and leg work outs too.... I have only drank one bottle of water so far so I need to get on top of drinking some more ASAP. I'll finish this post at the beginning of my post for tomorrow.

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