Thursday, May 28, 2009

Dental Hygiene School

This is the story of my life these days! In just about a week or so we will start doing anesthetics.. AHHH!!! We have to give EACHOTHER 27 different shots.... a little scary. So Ill be walking around numb every tuesday and thursday.. haha.. so fun! Its crazy to think about how fast everything has been going. I graduate in LESS then a year!! I can't even believe it! and Ben takes the DAT next friday! he has been studying his brains out...every morning he leaves around 8 am and studies all the way until about 4 pm or so. We are hopeing and praying for at least a 19.. ah! So scary... Its just so exciting right now seeing our plans actually falling into place. Im on my way to being a dental hygienist and we will find out soon enough if ben makes it into dental school! Then who knows where we will be going... boston, Washington, Kentucky (haha), Arizona who knows! I don't want to get to excited just yet, most people have to apply at least twice, but ben is pretty smart.. not to brag or anything! :-D.. Anyways, life is good. I can see a future and i like it.. thats all! have a fabulous day!

not very good at this game...

Our Family VACATION!! woohoo!

Ok, I am not a very good blogger... not AT ALL! ha.. but thats ok, I don't even know if anyone really reads them anyways so its all good! But... I decided to post a little somethin somethin...

Ben and I have been so busy with school, but about a month ago we had a two week break!! amazing it was!! We went to California, and Arizona, and then stayed a night in Las Vegas. It was SOOOOOOO SOOOOOO fun!

We went to California with Bens family, and they spoiled us. We went to Universal studios, and boogie boarding at the beach, had amazing ice cream, and just had time to visit with eachother. We were there with the family for 4 days, then we stayed an extra day, and then we were off to Arizona.. I got to see my BESTEST friend in the whole world.. she is basically my sister, Harmony! she is getting married in october and so we went wedding dress shopping and she found the perfect dress.. we went swimming there and got burnt, played mini gold, had bbq's and went to harmony's graduation. It was very nice.

On the drive home ben and i were about to die from heat stroke becuase the AC in the truck is broken.. so finally we had enough... so we stopped at lake mead and took a dunk in the water! ha! it was a ball.. Our two year anniversary was the next monday and I had school and a HUGE end of 1st year test on that day so we stayed at a hotel in Vegas for the night and went out to a nice resturaunt and just spent time together to celebrate. :-D

all in all it was a much needed trip! Loved every minute of it.. enjoy the pics!
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