Thursday, March 17, 2011


I get to see this beauty tomorrow!!! yay!!

So... 4 months of work at this dental office later we are officially moving to ASTORIA OREGON!! woo woo! It is really SUCH a relief. the last four and something months have been insane. living in astoria during the week while I work and live at a hotel, and then driving four hours back to seattle for the weekend has NOT been very thrilling. (big understatement). but now it is officially over!

I have officially decided that I am happy I have chosen to be a Dental hygienist. The first few weeks were a little rocky, not becuase of the transition from school to an office because I thought that was not a transition at all, but becuase all i did was clean teeth all day.. luckily, I have learned this is not true. I have made some great friends while working. Being a dh is a very social job and its great to interact with people and learn crazy new facts all the time from them. I make $40.00 an hour, which is pretty cool right out of school. I work normal hours, (no crazy night shifts or anything), and if i need a day off or something its not to hard to request it off. One problem with DH is there are TOOO many people going into it so its becoming over saturated and its hard to find a job these days, but that is a different topic.

Ben has found a full time job in astoria at U.S. bank which has amazing benefits, and it works for us for now. We went apartment shopping, which was a crazy experiance! Can I just say, everything there is OLD. Like OLD OLD. its a little run down in parts but I still love the style of the houses, they are all victorian, and craftsman style houses. We found quite a gem. its 101 years old, and I love all of its character. K, so it does not have a washer or dryer, a dishwasher, and it has a pedistal tub with shower hooked to it like the picture i will post.. but it has TONS of BIG windows, and all hardwood floors that are super distressed and cool looking, and its very spacious and open, which is perfect! Ill post pics of it when we get all moved in, which is on saturday!

Anyways, I have been super lame posting LONG posts that I know aren't very fun to read, but its an update, and I will read it someday and be like, I rememeber that time of my life :) So its good to me!
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