Thursday, September 22, 2011


Day 3 continued..

Went out running again, but didn't make it out until 730pm... So it was dark out. Blast the shorter days, only draw back of fall, but I still ran a couple more miles, and I kinda liked it in the dark. Plus 2 deer came out to play with me during my run and they just stayed there with me during the whole thing until I finished. I was kinda cute, and I liked them. I made up an amazing recipe tonight with peppers, onions, chicken, egg whites, apples, and a little but of garlic grilled and wrapped in a tortilla with cheese. Super yummy, even the hubster loved it. I made a protien shake today, a recipe for one from someone else's blog and it was not so great. I don't really like protien powder.

Day 4

Today I woke up and had one whole grain pancake with blackberries again, and a yogurt. For my work out I decided to go biking to mix it up a little. I went for an hour long bike ride with Ben and I loved it, except for the fact that my butt is NOT used to that horrific bike seat yet, still, it was a good ride all around the fort Stevens trails, lots of hills and such, and I kept it in the hardest gear the whole time, except for one time up this super steep bridge... I just would not have made it on that one without making it anlittle easier. I did a lot better at drinking water today, but I hate how much I have to pee now! Ha.. Had half a nectarine and who,e wheat grilled cheese, and for dinner vegetarian enchiladas and steamed carrots. Yum. I'm off to do some eb work out now.

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Brandi Litchfield said...

I'm so impressed with your workouts and eating habits! Wish you lived closer so we could do it together!

Also, after about two weeks straight of drinking lots of water, your bladder gets more used to it :)

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