Monday, September 26, 2011

Day 6,7,8

Day 6

Today was Saturday, and I really didn't want to work out, but I made myself anyway. Ben woke up at 6 in the am to go surfing and I should have went with him for part of my workout but he went with his buddies and one of the buddies always borrows one of our boards, so I got up and went on the normal run instead. It was just a quick run, I just wanted it to be over. Just did a couple miles. I was still proud of myself for going though because I was NOT wanting too! I had a whole wheat pancake again, and blackberries. I wasn't very good with my eating today. I just kept justifying that it was the weekend. I had brownies, non fat frozen yogurt from Costco, and a ton of samples from costco, and for dinner brown rice with peanut curry chicken,( which was super yummy). I did not drink a ton of water either, I just kinda failed this weekend! It doesn't help to hang out with friends because I want to eat the yummy food (brownies) that everyone else is eating!

Day 7

Today was Sunday, which equals my day of rest, which equals NO work out. I ate three brownies, healthy cereal, hot chocolate, we went to our friends for dinner and had a good for you dinner, and then steamed milk and muffins. Like I said, I failed this weekend! I really felt sick to my stomach too. Especially after the brownies and hot chocolate earlier in the day. My body is not used to sugar anymore and I thought I was going to lose it. Kinda funny how the body changes. Iv been doing this for only 2 weeks now but my body can tell the difference.

Day 8

Good thing I worked out on Saturday, because I did not make it out today. Work was a killer and it has been POURING rain alll day. I will have to make up for it tomorrow, I'll go running two times maybe. I did however eat great today. Tons of veggies, lots of fruit, and a little chicken. Still had a flour tortilla, not so good. Trying to figure out substitutes for bread, tortillas, grains... I don't want to eat these as much as I do. My main goal is to workout at least 5times a week because I know I will miss a few days here and there, so I'm still on track. Here is for tomorrow!

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