Tuesday, November 10, 2009


So Ben has been gone in California for his Dental school interview. We have only been apart for one night and a day and I am realizing how dependent I have become upon him. When I think back to high school and college I was always a VERY independent person. I did things my own way. I really didn't notice how much I need ben until really now. ha.. I mean, I have always known that I need him, but he really is my best friend. he is the person I come home and tell my funny stories about things that happened at school or in clinic, or who I come home to and vent to (poor guy). I am a pretty lucky girl. I can't even wait to go and pick him up in an hour. I miss him. :-D Its really kind of pathetic. One day and a night.. and Im so excited to go get him!

Monday, November 2, 2009

halloween fun!

My friend brittney threw a murder mystery party and it was so fun! I had never been to one of those before so it was fun to try something new!

We were also able to go to a really fun pumpkin carving and game night dressed up as white trash, we wore worn out clothes with white beaters, and ben drew on a handle bar mustache and side burns with a wig, and I pretended to be pregnant with a beer and bright red lip stick.. it was an easy costume to put together! but we don't have pics.. sadly

We also got to go to an eighties halloween party on saturday night, it was way fun too! we played 80's scene it and mofia.. we also do not have pics for that night either..

So this halloween was pretty fun! Thought Id share a few pics anyways!
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