Sunday, September 18, 2011


So I have an old classmate that started doing a fit sort of journal where she writes her feelings and challenges with a 12 week fitness challenge she is doing. I thought this was a great idea! So, I will be doing the same thing. I started this last week, but only started writing in my "fit" journal this last Friday.

Day 1

Today I woke up super sore from my very difficult hike i did yesterday, particularly in the gluteus Maximus. So, I was a little hesitant to go on my run, but I knew if I chose not to do it today, then I would choose not to do it the next day as well and so forth. So, I dragged my booty to the track. I started running but i was really dragging, I felt like my legs were moving in slow motion, compare it to the dreams when your trying to run away but you can't because you can't lift your 500bls legs up off the ground. I felt like this for the first mile but I just kept telling myself that I would be done after the 2 mile mark. once I got to 2 miles my legs were feeling good, and I felt a surge of extra energy so I thought, just run until 2.5 miles. This happened a couple more times until I reached 4 miles, and I still had energy but I thought it was time to pick Ben up from work, (which when I got to my car I saw I still had 50 min until I needed to go get Ben, dang it).

I can feel my body getting used to exercising and I like it. Iv only been exercising daily for one week now, and I already feel changes. It is insane to me how fast my body can get back in shape, and I cannot take this for granted. I know I need to continue working out daily.

The area that I need to work on now is making sure that I am eating nutritious, wholesome foods. I have already completely dropped fast food out of my diet a couple months ago. This last week I have done well at eating fruits and vegetables daily, and luckily I really only like whole wheat bread, but my weaknesses are yummy desserts at night, and I am a HUGE snacker, like, I have a serious problem with snacking. I feel like I have no control ofmy habits. This Monday i am going to begin breaking my habit of snacking, and I'm going to eat more small, healthy meals through the day.

I am also needing to find a different workout plan, still running everyday but doing different cardio as well. I am no longer sore on the days after my runs. Iv tried picking my speednup and running longer, but I need something new...
I'll post more tomorrow when everything is brought together and started officially.

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Darren and Brandi said...

Seriously impressive Melo. Keep up the good work! I'm sure your body is very happy :) I should start doing it again too....

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-e.e. cummings

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