Tuesday, October 4, 2011

this was my weekend...

love these kiddos

I don't mind waking up to this view

this is what my weekend looked like. I love the weekend. And I love lake wenatchee.

day 12, 13, 14

it was saturday today, and we were at the cabin.. I still managed to run two miles out in the woods with ben and my MIL, Ginger, but my IPOD was not charged so it was tough! I have to have my music! I did not eat well at all this weekend, ut that is ok. I knew that I would be letting myself have saturday and sunday since we were with family at the cabin, and it was actually good for me! I ate so much crap and I felt extremely sick all weekend. I had little energy, and I actually felt grouchy too! DOn't worry, I still had a blast, watching conference and staying up all night playing games and all. No one plays boulderdash like us beesons. I love playing games with the family! But I also learned how much better I really do feel when I am eating correctly.
On monday I had a very long day of work, and since I am just trying to make sure I run 5 days a week I took monday off too. I ate healthy on monday though, oatmeal for breakfast, a banana, backed chicken with tomatoes and a hard boiled egg for din din.

day 15

So today I was NOT wanting to go exercise, but of course I did, and it is funny because I ended up running 6 miles today! yes, 6! and it felt so good! the first mile was a little rocky because it was pouring down rain, and I was freezing, and wet, and my muscles were super tight, but once I got through that mile each mile after didn't feel so bad. I actually enjoyed it today. Plus I found some songs that just fit perfect for a long rainy tuesday run. LOVED IT! I had a small bowl of vanilla sunrise, gluten free (healthy) cereal for breakfast, some cherry tomatoes for snack. I had a half of a whole wheat chicken tomato sandwhich and a manderine orange jello cup for lunch. After my run I had a peanut butter banana protien shake, and it was AMAZING! love it. Later, after scouts I had a bowl of carrots and a couple more cherry tomatoes. It was a good day. My legs are a little stiff now, but I like it!

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Darren and Brandi said...

So glad you guys came up! It would NOT have been the same without you! Hope I get to see you this week!

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