Thursday, June 16, 2011

trip down memory lane

So I saw this picture on littlegreennotebooks blog and it totally reminded me of Ben. When we were first married we were unpacking and moving into our first little nest. At the time I did not know that ben had a secret little collection of not only these framed dead butterflies but of HUGE tarantula's too! So I walk into the kitchen and he has them all set out on the shelves right in the KITCHEN of all places, and he was not joking, he really thought they looked good in there! ha.. lets just say they did not make the cut. spiders and other dead insects do not belong in the kitchen.. in my opinion! haha.. love my benjamin.


Melody said...

That's hilarious. And I agree - bugs don't belong in the kitchen, EVER!

Brandi Litchfield said...

hahaha oh ben...

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-e.e. cummings

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