Wednesday, June 15, 2011


I can definitely say that ben and I have been staying busy! life has been so good to us! I have been working as an RDH at a new dental office that I absolutely LOVE for about two months now. They offered me a job and I just could not say no. The office is VERY nice, the people all communicate well, and I get paid more! I am so so glad that I made the switch!

This last week Ben and I got to go to California for a fun filled disneyland, california adventure, beach filled vacation! We met my best friend Harmony and her hubster Bobby (they live in Arizona) and had way to much fun catching up, soaking in sun rays (I really needed that vitamin D, I don't think Astoria got the memo that its summer), staying up playing games until all hours of the night, and eating at many different delicious restaurants. The trip was a success and I am SO glad that we got to go!!!

Now we get to look forward to the following:

* Bens brother Brock is coming home next week from his mission in the West Indies!! I am SO excited to have a little brother around again! He is the best and makes things so very fun!

*My baby sister CARI is having her baby anytime now! little savana, and I know she is going to make SUCH a good mama.. I can't wait to go, Ill leave the second she tells me she is in labor!

*More bon fires on the beach.. this is basically what we do around here and we LOVE doing it. We have made some good friends over here and its been so nice to be able to go to the beach (and there are so many different beaches to choose from), and make a big ol fire and roast smores and hot dogs over the fire! We love it.

*having my family come down here for the annual cannon beach trip! My parents came down a couple weekends ago and it was SO much fun. They spoiled us rotten, took us paddle boating, ben and dad went surfing, we went on a hike, got icees and amazing waffle cone ice cream, had a bon fire on this awesome hidden beach that is Gorgeous, and went out to eat at a really cute delicious italian restaurant.

I have so many stories and things that I have not been putting on here which is sad.. I'll have to post some another time! but for now I will leave it at that and put tons of pictures up from the trip and things.

surfing with HUGE surf boards.. i don't like huge ones!

all of our favorite ride

t-i-double gereeeerrr

splash mountain!

hmo and mlo.. i just said it.

Ben and dad surfing :)

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