Tuesday, October 18, 2011

It's a habit!

So I have formed the habit of running 5days a week. Sometimes they have to be shorter runs, 2 to 3 milers, but that is ok, because I am making it out, almost 5days a week. I got really sick with a fever, sore throat, hacking up a lung and drowning In my snot (I know that was discusting). That is the worst while working as a hygienist, bending over the patient with your nose draining everywhere, all I can say is thank goodness for my mask! (tmi, o well)! Anyways, I did not go out for 4 days in a row, and last week I missed two days during the week. But I have been pretty good. Eating on the other hand, not so good. I just love to eat, and to eat a lot. My portion sizes are large, I love carbs. I love to eat after 8pm as well. So, I'm going to eat, I do always eat whole wheat, and brown rice, and i love fruit and veggies, eggs, and oatmeal. But, I've been eating plenty of cookies, and pumpkin things too (glorious fall foods, clam chowder, soups, pumpkin cookies and shakes, ECt.) I just wanted to be in the habit of working out 5days a week, and making sure I'm getting good foods in me. I will continue to work on eating right. But, since iv formed my exercise habits and I can continue on my eating habits, but iv decided to stop blogging every day about it. I liked having something to have to report to, but now I don't think I need it! So cheers to forming habits!!!

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Brandi Litchfield said...

Good for you! Hope I can get back to 5 days a week soon! And don't worry, it's never TMI :) Sorry you were sick!

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