Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Day 16

Day 16

So... Yesterday I ran the big 6 miles.. And I thought my legs would be super sore today but they weren't to bad... Which kind of really annoyed me! My knees were hurting though, but that's not such a good thing. I decided to take it a little bit faster today and run my normal 4 miles. (weird to say that's my normal now, ha). It felt good, but really my knees are killing! I definitely ran faster today, and I also did an insane abs video work out that worked out my quads and belly. It was super hard, I was sweating and grunting through the whole thing.. Kinda pathetic I know. I guess I need to start doing that one a couple times a weak. It was different because he doesn't.t believe in doing crunches so it was lots of high knee jumps, and sitting on the ground at an angle lifting your legs and things. I already feelmit in my quads so I'm happy about that! I had a low fat yogurt for breakfast today, half a whole wheat chicken and tomato sandwich for lunch with a bowl of teriyaki veggies, a protein shake for snack, for dinner peanut butter curry chicken with brown rice and steamed carrots, and later I was STARVING so I had a few frozen blueberries and a peach. Needed to get my fruit in anyways right? Those were definitely after 8 but my stomach was growling and that means I won't be able to sleep. Overall an ok day. I still don't drink enough water and I struggle with not eating past 8.

Anyone know a cure for hurting running knees? How to prevent them?

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Doranda said...

wearing vibram five finger shoes have completely stopped my husbands knee problems. They look a little weird but I wore them too and never had any problems for our half marathon.

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