Friday, December 2, 2011

Dental school

This past month in a half has been quite the whirlwind of adventures, some good and some horrible. I'll try and do a summary of the main events..

1. After much praying, Ben and I felt it was time to leave little Astoria and return to Washington. We realized there are just more job opportunities here, and we drive up to see family at least every other weekend, well less then that but close enough, so now we will be saving a lot on gas, and we know we made the right decision to move when a couple days later the hunting accident happened.

2. My daddy was in a serious hunting accident and after two life flights, 11 blood transfusions, and lots of surgeries and prayers he is healthy and alive, but he did have to have his leg amputated. We were told by the surgeon that if the emergency team had gotten to my dad 3 min later he would have died from blood loss. This was such a hard thing for our family to go through, but my dad is the strongest person I know and he has been recovering so well. Since he is so incredibly active we just know he will make it through and do all the things he did before with his new prosthetic he will be getting. He has had Such a strong and positive attitude, I love him so much.

3. Ben was accepted to Marquette school of dentistry! This has been one of the hardest trials yet, waiting to be accepted into dental school. But he did it! Apparently we needed to learn some patience and perseverance. I think we have grown a lot, and we are at a better place now to be going into dental school then before. Heavenly father knows what's best, and what timing is best! So come august we will be moving to Wisconsin! Ben is beyond excited and I am for him as well! A little nervous to live so far from home but it's nothing new for us to live in new places so it will be a great adventure!

We have been experiencing lots of change, which can be stressful, but I know the only way to grow is to experience change. We are going to welcome it, and let it strengthen us.

A lot more has been happening but I will have to write these things later.

Happy holidays!


Dev & Di said...

Mel I had no idea that happened to your dad! I hope and pray for a healthy recovery for him and for your whole family! And tell Ben congrats on Dental School that is so awesome!!

Melody said...

I'm so glad your dad is ok. We were praying hard for him while he was going through all the surgeries and stuff.

Congratulations to Ben! I've never been to Wisconsin, but I'm sure it's great!

Darren and Brandi said...

YAY Ben!!! We're so excited for you guys! And so glad to have you back here for a little while. Let's plan some fun crafts to do or something :)

Charisma Combestra said...

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Kaitlin said...

i know this is a little random, but i knew ben growing up in redmond, so i'm not a complete stalker :) i happened upon your blog via the velas blog. anyway, i'm living in milwaukee (my husband goes to the medical college of wisconsin). i noticed ben got into marquette! i'd be happy to give you some advice about housing or the wards or anything--i know how scary it can be moving to a new place. feel free to email me @

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