Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Easter, and fin turns 9 months!

Easter was pretty fun this year. We were able to do a play group Easter egg hunt earlier in the week, and then another on the Saturday before Easter. On actual Easter Day we were able to go to church, and after church we had an amazing Easter feast with some friends! It is so nice having our dental "family" here in Wisconsin. Every holiday, including the little ones, we have been able to celebrate with friends.

I honestly don't know how we would get through school without these close friends we have made! It is insane to think how fast this last year has gone. Only three years left and Ben will be dr. Beeson! Woohoo! And who knows where we will be after that! For now we will just focus on school and the next year or so here.

The next day after Easter Finley turned nine months! I say it every time, but really?! Nine months already!!! Last Easter I was 7.5 months pregnant and had these pics taken.. So weird to think that was a year ago now!

Finley is so mobile and does not like to hold still! She is constantly on the go, army crawling everywhere and standing and walking along furniture any chance she gets! She loves to walk around our house, the store, at church with he assistance of Ben or me of ores. Have a feeling she ill be walking on her own VERY soon here.. Eek! I don't mind if she waits a little longer though! She loves paying the tickle game where she lifts her arms and waits to be tickled, then brings them down and laughs so hard then repeats. She waves, claps, loves to eat, climbs onto everything, and smiles and laughs a lot. We love her so much, life wouldn't be much without her in it!

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Brandi Litchfield said...

Crazy to think she's so big! Wish you guys were closer so our little girls could be close :( Lame! So glad you guys are having fun out there though! Miss you!

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