Friday, May 25, 2012


Ben and I have been spending LOTS of time in seattle! We have done a cool drum circle, where probably around 300 people from seattle met and we all had drums, and played together. There was a director over all of us and it was crazy because when we first all started playing it sounded like a big mess of confusion, but as we listened to each other we would all start getting onto the same beat. The director would have us do things in sync and helped to guild us so it sounded good. It was really cool, and quit the experience. Our hands hurt the next day from playing so hard! The next weekend we came back to seattle for our anniversary, and the week after that we house sat for my cousin up on queen anne, and just last night we went down with some good friends to a mariners game! I'll just post some pictures of some of the adventures we have been having while we have been downtown! PICTURE OVERLOAD!!!!!!! We went with Howard, Amy, and heather to the Rhythm festival (where we did the drum circle)
ben and I went row boating by university of washington
Some more row boating pictures! It was sooo gorgeous out on that water, tons of turtles, and blue herons, geese, frogs, trees...I highly recommend it!
Outings with friends
sunday stroll through the park in magnolia
at the mariners game!!

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