Friday, May 25, 2012

5 year anniversary

This is late, but I wanted to write a little about mine and bens 5 year anniversary. I am so lucky to have found someone who fits so perfect with me. We just understand each other so well, and the way that we think and interact shows this. Ever since we met back in 2006, we have always been on the same page. I love the little things that ben does to show his love. On this particular anniversary I was surprised by my benjamin. He first made little notes on pieces of paper throughout the house that said, "follow me", then he made a paper trail that would lead to a little present. The first one was that he had taken the day off from work! On the last one of those that I found the note read for me to pack my bags because we would be staying the night somewhere special. We spent the whole day in downtown seattle, eating whatever we wanted, and we were going to do the underground tour or ride the ducks but the weather didn't think we should do either of those things, so we just went to pike place market, and did some shopping, and goofed off with each other. Then we went to bellevue and had dinner at cheesecake factory, went swimming, and had a great night alone. The next morning we got up and went on a walk around greenlake, and went to california pizza kitchen. yum! The weekend was super laid back. We didn't do anything super exciting but it was perfect. I love weekends like this. the night before our anniversary I had blown up ballooons and tied little sweet nothings, and coupons, and things for ben. I did 5 balloons since its our 5 year anniversary. I also gave him his favorite candy in the world, trolli eggs, and of course a card.. I tried to be super sneaky but he may or may not have woke up while i was trying to get the balloons over him.. haha.. so at 4:30 ish in the morning i made him breakfast in bed and we snuggeled and talked. (I tend to wake up at this hour almost every morning these days, blame it on the pregnancy!) So happy to have ben as my forever, and I am SO excited to see him as a father. I really just don't know how I lucked out with this one.

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