Friday, February 24, 2012

Little kicks

Baby girl f,

We have officially passed the 20 week mark, which means we are over halfway to the point of meeting you. You have no idea how excited/nervous/excited we are to hold and take are of you! Yesterday, while driving to Bellevue to pick up Ben I was listening to some loud country music, you started wiggeling inside, and I can only assume you were dancing. This is not the first time I have felt you kicking about, but it felt much more powerful then past kicks, so I reached down to my belly and sure enough I could feel you kicking from the outside! Right when Ben got in the car I put his hand on my belly and he got to feel you move for the very first time. He got the biggest smile and it was just such an amazing moment. We love you so incredibly much... Sometimes it scares me a little to see how attached I have become to you, and I have not even met you yet! Your finally really starting to "pop" now which makes me so much more happy! I want the world to know your coming! I went to Utah this weekend to go to a wedding and to rexburg to meet your little cousin abbie.. When I got home Ben could not believe how much bigger I was!
We have started really looking at baby things now, trying to decide what we really "need" to buy, and what is not so necessary. Baby things are expensive! (if anyone has any input on this, please please do tell! I need all the help I can get)! We have figured out your baby room colors, but we won't be setting that up until after you're born and we move to Wisconsin.
There are SO many changes happening right now, and it definitely feels a little daunting. You will be barely a month old when we move to Wisconsin and start a new life there, consisting of Ben going to dental school, and me working around 2 days a week. I'm nervous because change can be hard, especially this kind, but I'm excited too. Change is a good thing and it is essential for our growth.
I know time is going to fly feels like yesterday when I first found out I was expecting you. I am trying to enjoy every minute of my little family of two , since this will be the last time it will ever just be Us, and since it's been just us for over 5 yrs this will be different, but I know it's a good different. We love you baby girl.

P.s. Since we've had three ultrasounds and you still have not revealed for sure what your gender is it would be nice of you to spread those little legs! (we have been told to assume girl for now). K thanks!

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Stefi Patterson said...

Okay as far as baby stuff, I had lily in a pack n play until she was ready to sleep all the way through the night and then at that point we bought a crib. If you are planning on breast feeding, a boppy is a MUST! Also a good (meaning more expensive) pump is a must too. It is not worth giving up precious moments you could have been sleeping/showering/eating for a cheap pump. I would get a wide variety of single bottles because you don't know what your baby "girl" will want. We bought like 10 of the ones my sister used and they were WAY to fast for Lily, so we wasted money and now we have a bunch of bottles we won't use. Also the swaddle pajamas are AMAZING because they velcro so you dot have to worry about the blanket coming apart an suffocating baby. (scary I know but most likely you will fear that) and a baby bath tub. It makes bath time WAY easier and fun. :) you can save a lot of money at first if you dont buy a crib and high chair at first you wont need them for the first few months. Also i bought a step up from an umbrella stroller (but not a big heavey duty travel stroller) because its a little more than an umbrella stroller but not so heavey that you'll kill yourself loading it in and out of the car everytime you go to the store. Also to save some money check KSL for your local area.If I think of anything else I'll let you know.

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