Saturday, March 17, 2012

gender reveal party, and recent pregger photos.


the guesses!

a few of the guests

24 weeks!

24 weeks along! (after i cut my hair)

candace and I (21 weeks, before i chopped off my long locks!)

suncadia resort 22 wks preggers here

suncadia resort

suncadia resort
We threw a gender reveal party awhile back, when we (kind of) found out what we were having, but I never posted pictures. We had lost our camera charger for awhile so I only have a few, not so amazing pictures of the party, so that is part of the reason for not posting about it! but It was great, we had family and close friends come and join in on the fun reveal!

at 24 weeks we have had three more ultrasounds and baby still will not cooperate and let us see the goods for sure, so we still might be having a mister... but we have become very very attached to the idea of a sweet little girl now so we are hoping she really is a she. We have her named picked out and refer to her by that name so lets hope this is correct!!!

my last appointment was this last wednesday and I have REALLy gained weight! ha.. but that is part of pregnancy, and I am supposed to so I am glad, just a little shocked! i got my first maternity item this week. just a pair of pants, and a pair of leggings. I can still put a few of my normal pants on but i have to do the rubber band trick, and I feel like im flashing people sometimes so Im excited to have some maternity pants! Its insane how our bodies work, and how they grow, i still cannot get over the fact that I have a baby growing inside of me.

baby girl is moving like crazy, we can see her karate moves from the outside and know we have an active one! we love her more and more each day!

Ben and I got to go to Suncadia two weeks ago for a work conference and we had a great time. the resort is AMAZING and it was a nice treat to get to go and do that.

I also have started working again! yay! nice to get a paycheck again, even if its only for three months. I can't believe I am having this baby in 4 months, and that Im 6 months along already!


Melody said...

Yay, a girl! Congratulations! It seems like you all are having girls, recently! :)

Austin and Alayne Blackwell said...

I'm sooo excited melody!!! Now if we can work it out to see eachother lol

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