Friday, October 31, 2008

Hello! So we have had such a BLAST this last week. Being done with midterms, and time to play is so nice! I love it. So a couple of days ago ben decided it has been to long since he has officially asked me on a date. So he surprised me by telling me that the whole entire day was going to be spend together, just me and him doing whatever I wanted! :-D I love it when that happens! So, first we just went to IKEA to return a few things, and we ended up getting just a couple things too.. opps! Next we decided to drive down to Salt Lake. It was just a really chill day and thats all I wanted. We just went down to the gate way mall and looked around at the different stores.. I got these cute little towel hangers for mine and Bens bedroom bathroom.. Cute huh!? Then we just played by the fountain and just goofed around. Later we started getting real hungry, but we couldn't decide where to eat. So we ended up just going to The Spaghetti Factory. YUMMMi! we both got the spinach tortillini's with alfredo sauce. My favorite. And ben got me an oreo milkshake... also my favorite. It was just a nice relaxing day for us, which we really needed. Here are just some pictures from our exciting adventure! :0)

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