Friday, October 31, 2008


HALLOWEEN! Matt, caitlyn, Rob, Lizzie, and Ben, and I! Don't we look adorable! :0)

Hey! yes, I am going to do Two blogs in one day.. is that allowed? haha.. I don't know the blog rules but I say it is allowed. So last night we went to this waayy cool halloween party. My friend lizzie from school invited us and a few other of my friends from school. It was such a good halloween party. They had it in a barn and got someone to help decorate for it! We played games like mummy wrapping contests, and danced, and Ben and I won the costume contest! we got a 25 dollar gift card for i tunes and some silly string and fun stuff like that! We were Adam and Eve if you can't tell from the pictures! haha. We danced, and ate soup, and bread had soup and bread sticks, and all sorts of goodies.. SOOOO fun! thanks lizzie for the amazing time! :0)


Gonzalinho said...

hi, how are u?
I was looking your photos...nice

follow with your pictures

A big hug from bolivia (south america)

If you understand spanish visit me

Parker and Brittney Winder said...

o my gosh..ur halloween costume is so freakin cute!! love love love it! i can see why u guys won. now we are blogging buddies haha looks like u guys have alot of fun together!

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