Wednesday, March 6, 2013

8 months old

Finley turned 8 months on the 1st. She is such a happy and content baby, we are so lucky to be her parents! SHe has been on the move now a days and is never in the same spot I originally set her down at. This is by far my favorite stage so far. SE is learning SO much and loves to play and interact with Ben and I.

At 8 months Finley is,

- laughing at everything. She thinks that everything is funny and I love it!
-she scoots and rolls all over the place still, constantly on the move
-is always moving her hands and legs, little wiggle worm
-loves to nuzzle in and cuddle, especially when she is tired
-favorite toys are water bottles, her Tupperware, brush, and clothes. She also loves to play with the wet ones
-she talks ALL day long! Sometimes she does the loudest continuous yayayayaya, so loud Ben and I cannot have a conversation because we can't hear each other! But we laugh because she is just experimenting with her voice.
-she has said dada and mama, but she doesn't know what she is saying yet :)
-she officially knows how to clap
-she can wave (been waving since around 6 ish months, but now she does it more consistently
-gets so excited and makes the funniest noise when Ben gets home from school, or when she hasn't seen me for a little while
- has now tried Gerber sweet potatoe puffs
-can feed herself with her pointer and thumb (which is so cute to watch her do)
-stands all the time,
- is super strong
-sleeping and napping like a champ
-has 6 teeth, 4 maxillary, 2 mandibular
-her hair is getting longer and is turning into a pretty golden blonde color

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