Sunday, August 5, 2012

1 month!

FInley at one month old! (a little late, but better late then never!) I still cannot believe my little girl is past one month now! She is growing so fast! At one month finley is... -snuggleing like crazy.. she loves to wrap her little arm around my arm, and grabs my shirt with the other hand and nuzzles in. I love it so so much! -She coos and smiles at us every morning -is very wiggly while she is awake, and a very alert baby -she can already army crawl, she does it whenever she does tummy time.. no joke. -She holds her head up great all by herself (not for super long, but she does it a lot) -Is a pro eater -likes to stick her tongue out -she crosses her legs like a frog all the time -covers her face with her hand while sleeping -she has had one babysitter.. ALI and BROCK!! she loves them :) -she always makes an o shape with her lips.. its the classic finley face -loves to be held... all the time -she has grown out of two of her newborn jammies.. makes me super sad.. my little newborn is growing up!
We love her more then anything.


Stefi Patterson said...

She is precious and just so beautiful!

Tyson and Lana Hansen said...

Aww! What a doll! She sounds like such a good baby, good eater, snuggly, you make me want a little girl! Well enjoy her while she's little because soon enough she'll be runnin all over the place and you wonder where the time went! She's beautiful! Congrats you two!

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