Monday, September 13, 2010

doo da doo

We are here in washington!! O how I have missed it here. The green everywhere is so divine. We've already been to pike place, the space needle (and everywhere around Seattle), edmonds beach, the ferry over to kingston, gotten a pedicure, and moras ice cream. A good start for only being here since thursday!

Ben and I were thinking about it and we realized it has been 6 years since we have been in washington in september. That makes me feel old. ha.

We have not lived in our own house with our own stuff since the end of april.. since we went out selling... So I am starting to miss having my own things.. I HATE living out of a suitcase. But we still do not know exactly what we will be doing as far as where we are moving, ect, ect. so we may be homeless for a while longer :(

Its fun to see our parents and siblings that still live here, but it does just feel like vacation still. When we get our own little place I think it will feel normal again. I can't wait for everything to feel normal again. its definetly been a crazy summer. I can't even wait to just get a job and have some sort of schedule in my life. But until then, I am going to keep trying to enjoy life without anything to do.

p.s. check out bens beard!! and it is still going strong.. its kinda weird cause I kind of like it.. which is weird.

in Seattle

A lady painting at pike place.. it was cool to watch how easy this was for her

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Jake and Jenna said...

ben and jake and those beards!! i kinda liked jake's too... not when it was crazy grizzly but when it was about ben's length. glad you guys are loving being home! miss you!

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