Sunday, February 8, 2009

wal mart

So..... Ben and I are at wal-mart last night and we're walking down the cereal aisle and we pass by this dude with really long mollet hair and ben says,

"Did you see that!! Now that is the One benefit of coming here!"

pahahaha..... so classic


Darren and Brandi said...

hahaha I LOVE it! Walmart is ALWAYS a fun experience! Ours is a little different though... it's more like you walk in and wonder where all the white people are :)

Tyson and Lana Hansen said...

Ha Ha! Thats so funny! I love how you just put a post up with one joke lol! But that is hilarious! I told Ty when we have little boys, they're gonna have little molets and he thinks I'm joking...

The Bergquists said...

Haha Gotta Love Wally World!

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