Tuesday, January 6, 2009

home from holiday..

The heart my wonderful husband made for me on my window!
Brandi and darrens new years smooch! cute!!
New years/Bens birthday!
The girls after watching the nutcracker...
Ben and my nephew Kaden!..
Baily and ben wearing the wigs ben won in the white elephant exchange.
My silly dad and my mom with her eyes part way closed! ha.. while we were caroling
The snow man we built!

We all say it, but really... this holiday went by WAY to fast. It was so nice to be able to go back home to Seattle and to see our family and friends. We got to go to the Nutcracker Ballet and Anthony's with my family, as well as sledding, caroling, and building a snowman that was over 13 ft. tall!! At Bens house we played many games such as Rummycube (sp?), watched movies in his in home theater, played lots of scum on the pool table, and we got to go up to an amazing cabin to go snow mobiling and such. We also were able to celebrate bens 24 th birthday! yay! That doesn't even sum up half of it! It was fun doing all of those things but what I think I enjoyed most was just being able to talk and chill with our families. I have been more home sick then I think I have ever been. I can't say exactly why.. but I am very greatful for being able to have the time and transportation to make it home for the holidays.

We left Seattle a little early so that we could help my little sister Alayne get settled into her new apartment and life in Rexburg. She was attending University of Washington, but decided that she wanted to transfer. She got accepted to both Byu Provo and Byu Idaho and decided on attending school in Idaho. We helped her move into the Ridge and showed her around campus. While we were there we visited some old friends! So fun.. It made me reminise on all of the amazing memories I had had there. It is so crazy how fast life zooms by! We stayed there for a few days then we returned to Utah.

Now that we are home with a fresh new year we are trying to set our goals high for the upcoming months. So much to do! Ben will be taking the DAT soon, and he has a very full schedule this coming semester. I am still just going along with my Dental hygiene school and hopefully this semester will be as great as the last! I get to start seeing patients on February 3rd which is very exciting! Anyone who wants to get there teeth cleaned for free you know where to go! :-D

One more thing I want to say.. Recently some of our very best friends got in an accident. I just want to write how greatful we are for them, and how thankful we are that they are ok. Heavenly father was for sure watching out for them. They are some of the most amazing people you will ever meet. I don't know what we would do if something had happened to them. Just want Rob and Jessie to know that we love you and cherish your friendship very much!

Thats all for now!


Doyle and Chelsea said...

ok a few things. first of all, AWESOME snowman! that thing is huge!! Secondly, I used to live at the Ridge! I bet ur sis is gonna love it. Oh and didn't you love having an extra day of vacation today????

Jessica said...

Awe you're so sweet! Thanks for your nice note, we're definitely blessed but mostly because we're friends with you! Looks like you had a great break though! See you soon, love ya!

Alayne said...

It was so fun having you and ben around! Thanks for helping me get settled in Rexy. I like how you had to mention what schools i was at and was accepted to haha. I miss you already! Oh an when i get to come to utah i want my teeth cleaned lol

Love you sis!


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