Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Finley's brag post :)

It blows my mind how much my Finley is learning right now!!
She can tell you what a frog, cow, fish, doggy, tiger, and pig say ( she makes there noises soo stinking cute). She shows where everyone's nose and eyes are when shes asked and is beginning to say words now too. she knows please ( her own version, but it's close!), love, mom, dad, and tree. She is also repeating constanents when we say them, for example, I say Finley and draw out the f and she repeats the f noise.
She is still a little climber, and is walking all over now.
The thing that blows my mind the most about her are how good her fine motor skills are. She has been putting her own straw in the straw hole of juice boxes/lids to her cups for weeks. She also will get a tissue and blow her own nose when she needs to! We have a smart baby :)
She loves everything outside! The sand, water, trees, grass, bugs, animals,flowers. Every flower we see she has to go smell, and she tries to pick up all the little ants and Rollie pollies that she sees. Super cute. I love this age so so much!!!

I love her and these sat 13 months have been the best iv ever had!! SE brings s much joy into our lives

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