Monday, January 7, 2013

Mini trip to seaside Oregon

Ben is a little obsessed, ( understatement of the year), with the ocean. He checks the ocean swells in Oregon daily, because he is in love with surfing. He will bring up how much he misses the ocean on a regular basis so I decided I was going to surprise him while in Washington.

I flew to Washington a week earlier then Benjamin so he could study for finals without any distractions, aka, Finley and I wanted an extra week to be visiting family! While I was there without Ben I was sneaky sneaky and planned a little trip down to the Oregon coast for a trip down memory lane, and so Ben could get his surf on! I booked a hotel and let our friends who live there know we were coming.

He flew in on Saturday, and we left on Sunday! He was so shocked and surprised after church when I handed him the hotel reservation! It was an early birthday present!

Unfortunately, the surf was out of control that day. There was no way you could surf anything while we were there, total bust! Good thing we still had a blast! We got to see some really great friends who we miss dearly. They had us and a few other friends come over for dinner and we got to chat and catch up. It was as if we had never left. Those are the kinds of friends that are keepers, ones who you can not see for years, but when you do it feels as if things had never changed. They are keepers.

There was a HUGE storm and we stayed in a hotel ( we call it " our hotel", because we lived in it half of the week for a couple months while I was working in Oregon and Ben was still working in Washington in 2010). Tis hotel is literally right on the beach so we could see the storm on the water, and it was throwing the sand everywhere! It was pretty cool! Our room had a fireplace in it, so we just snuggled up and watched the storm. The next morning our friends came up and we all went swimming in the pool, then Ben and I went out on the town like old times. We reminisced and talked about how fun it would be to go back there when he is done with dental school, just for a few years. We want to work for one of the dentists there possibly.. But who knows what will happen! We got to visit some more people and a few more of our favorite spots before heading back to Washington.

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