Sunday, October 7, 2012

3 months!

How can this be?!! my baby girl is 3 months old! She is really the best thing that has ever happened to me. I love her more then words can describe. Sometimes I think about how care free life seemed to be before her. Now I worry a lot more, about finley.. is finley warm enough? Is she to hot? Is she hungry? Is she getting sick? haha.. it is true what they say, once you become a mother the worrying never stops! But it is the best job in all the world, and I wouldn't trade the worry for anything. this month finley is in a super fun stage! *She is super interactive. *She always smiles at us. *She is now officially laughing too! I mean before she was doing little giggels, but now we can make her laugh uncontrollably! It is THE CUTEST thing *she still loves to eat, and eats a lot. *She is starting to not like going to bed at night, so we are working on figuring out a better nap schedule in the afternoon and this is helping her go to bed better at night.. really she has made her bed time earlier and earlier on her own, right now she goes down around 8... it is pretty nice! *she is still cooing a lot, especially likes to say hoo hoo, like an owl *she laughs everytime ben gets home and she sees him *holds herself up by herself all the time now *shes learning how to hold things, especially her lamb *if she isn't swaddeled she always sleeps with her arms above her head. *she has officially been to urgent care for a little eye boo boo *is just barley getting over her fist cold :( We love you SOOOO much finley


Wes and Lindsey Cardall said...

She is soooo cute! And she sounds like a lot of fun too :) I'm so happy for you guys!

Melody said...

Dang, she is a cute baby! But look at her parents. I mean, really.

Tyson and Lana Hansen said...

Time really does fly!! I can't believe she is 3 months already either! She is getting so big and looks just like You Melody! I know all about the worrying and no it doesn't stop as they get older...but it's all worth it and they are so fun! She sounds like a good baby :)

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