Sunday, September 9, 2012

lake michigan

It is beautiful out here in wisconsin. I never thought that it would be pretty, in my mind I envisioned brown, flat, and ugly. It is the very opposite, it is very green with millions of trees, yes it is flat, but just gorgeous. The other night we had a bon fire with some friends at a beach close to our house. we roasted hot dogs over the fire and talked for hours. It was great! Loving that we can still do bon fires on the beach!
and here is a picture of finley in her bumbo! She loves it!
ben last night at the milwaukee ale house.. look at that ridiculous burger!!
and last but not least, what I have been eating everyday for the past week... kinda pathetic!


.kaitlyn. said...

she is such a doll melody, what a beautiful family you have!

Darren and Brandi said...

oh my gosh, finley is so dang cute! wish i could be holding her!

Melody said...

The only part of Minnesota I've been to has been the St. Paul/Minneapolis airport. lol. But I could've told you the Midwest was beautiful! :)

And the animal cookies + nutella + peanut butter does not = pathetic! I used to snack on graham crackers and icing all the time...

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