Friday, May 7, 2010

Catching up...

Wow.. time seriously has been flying by so fast! Hence all the pictures! I feel like so much has happened since my last post. Well, ben and I are officially graduates.. Bens dad sam and my parents were all able to come down for graduation. Bens mom Ginger really wanted to be there to but Bens sister in Texas needed her help so she sadly had to miss the graduation, understandably so. We missed you Ginger! But we had Such a fun weekend with Our parents. I am pretty positive I gained at least 10 pounds while they were here.. no joke. ha.. but that is ok.. it was so worth it. I have some pictures of some of the things we did with them. I feel bad becuase I wanted to be able to play with them the whole time they were here but the following week I had three more boards so I was studying for them every night. But at least we could play during the day!

My little sister Alayne was married on April 10th. The wedding turned out beautifully and we had a blast with the whole family.

My boards went well, I passed both of the anesthesia ones and I have not heard about the clinical one yet. My patient for clinical boards thought she was really funny though. On the day of boards I called her to see if she is on her way and she would not pick up her phone so i left her like 5 messages. She had been used for a patient the day before so I was getting worried that she might not come. So it gets to be the time that she was supposed to meet me at the school and now when I call her phone is going straight to voice mail so obviously she is ignoring me. I am FREAKING OUT because if your patient does not show or does not qualify you automatically fail. So that is just 1400 dollars down the drain. So its a BIG deal for them to be there. So i run into the school and I am bawling my eyes out to Jenine at the front desk and we are scrambeling to find a back up patient. Next thing I know my patient texts me and is like o sorry i just woke up (HA!), and she lives 2 hours away. then a second later she texts again and is like, im here. I call her and she is laughing and has been sitting in the parking lot the whole time. I could have seriously wrang her neck right thhen. At least she made it and she qualified as my patient on the first submission. Serisouly, I have NEVER done anything so stressful in my life. all during this last semester I just kept asking myself why I had to pick the only major that has 4 boards to pass before you can practice... ha..I guess its done now so woohoo!

Ben is selling this summer in Colorado, So right after I finished my Clinical boards around 6 pm we packed up our whole apartment, moved our stuff to store at our friends house (thanks Rob and Jessie!) and drove to colorado. I NEVER EVER thought I would say this, but I really miss Utah. It was so fun to have family around. I have two sisters and two brothers and their families living in Utah and I miss them so much already! So we have been in Colorado for almost a week. Bens very first time ever selling he got a sale and has gotten one or two sales a day since then.. so he is doing really well for his first week of ever knocking! Im so proud of him. It is hard a times having ben gone all day EVERY day except for sundays though. I miss him a lot. And I honestly don't know what to do with myself with out school, or homework, or something to do. Luckily I have some friends here to keep me sane.. ha. Jessie and I have been doing P90X every morning. It has been great! I have been SOOOO sore, but I like getting back into the exercising mode. Hopefully we will be seeing some results soon.

Mine and Bens three year anniversary was on May 4th. I still cannot believe that it has been three years. Sometimes I feel like it has been so much longer then that, but then at other times it feels like we just got married yesterday. Time is a crazy thing. but ben had to work but he surprised me and got off early! He took me to the Bonefish resturant which was really yummy and then we went to Aloft hotel. It was a new modern hotel that was really nice. It was a good night and fun to spend some quality time together. I love ben so much and I am so blessed to have such an amazing husband. He is so kind, funny, and genuine. He is really my best friend.
I am going back to utah on May 17th to see one of my best friends who just got back from her mission in Leeds, England. I am so excited to see her. I love and miss her so much. I also get to go to one of my hygiene friends wedding! Kandace and Joey are getting married on May 21 st. They have been waiting for so long so I am very happy the day is almost here!

Also, we got our kitten rainy back! YAY!! she is not really a kitten anymore, but still just as cute. We have re trained her to play fetch and plays it like a pro now. She keeps me company through out the day. Seriously, she follows me WHEREVER I go. So cute. She is sitting on me as I type this. She helps it so I dont get to lonely while Ben is gone all day.

Well, I feel like I am Rambling, a lot.. so i will spare you (whoever you might be) have a fabulous day!


Tyson and Lana Hansen said...

I cant believe your board patient did that! I would KILL her! AHH! But at least it all worked out :)

Darren and Brandi said...

Wow, you guys are busy! Glad it's all over though I'm sure! I can't wait for you guys to move here! Hurry up! Miss you!

Rick and Rachelle said...

I can't believe you guys are selling. I'm glad it's going so well. You'll have to keep us posted. We miss you so much. I hope we get to see you soon. I wish I could go down and see Manda with you. Stupid school! I can't wait till I'm all done in July! Then we can really play!! Woohoo!

Alayne and Austin said...

Melody!!! I just have to say Im soo proud of you!! You're the best :) So isn't it wierd Ive already been married a month? I wish you could come visit me! You seem like you are adjusting well to the selling stuff, im glad ben is doing so well! thats great!!..since the flooding crap sells here have been WAY low... anyway I love and miss ya Sis!

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