Thursday, March 4, 2010

Mock Boards!!!

So I officially graduate in 1 and a half months. April 26th to be exact. WOO WOO!! Just last thursday I took a mock written board and then today I took mock anesthesia boards.. SO STRESSFUL! but I actually survived and it helped boost my confidence for the real ones coming up. Next thursday I have mock Clinical boards, and then I have Mock Anesthesia written boards on april 14th. So much to do in so little time. Not to mention the rest of my Hard quads I have to finish cleaning and competencies to pass. I will take the real written board on April 2nd. Then Anesthesia written and Anesthesia clinical, and the real clinical board sometime between April 28- May 1st. Right before mine and bens 3 year anniversary!! If I pass everything it will be such a relief!

Ben graduates on April 23rd and we are still waiting to hear from USC to see if he has gotten into dental school. If he does we will be moving to sunny california, the LA area. we will be moving out of utah no matter what! yay! Its so exciting to see things falling into place. We are actually moving on in life. Even though it is very exciting it is almost a little sad to think that this part of my life is over. I will no longer be a student. Its a little sad, but probably a little more exciting right now. ha. So this is what has been consuming my life as of late. I am now officially starting to study more then I have ever studied in my life. its very thrilling.

Ben has been studying hard too with his hardest classes yet, finishing his Biology major. He is doing well and we try and keep each other motivated. To bad its not the end for him.. haha.. :) but he doesn't mind.

This is pretty much our lives as for now. So many changes coming in just 2 months! I can't even wait!


Melody said...

Getting to this stage in life is scary, but fun! Good luck to you both!

Chris and Paige Evans said...

Hey Melody - my name is Paige Evans, you don't know me, but I went to the same high school as Ben many-a-year ago. I just found your blog through another mutual Washingtonian couple's blog. Anyways! Good luck on your boards!

I just wanted to say, if Ben does get into USC, that's where my husband is going to dental school. "THE" place to live is South Pasadena. 95% of all 1st year married dental students live in South Pasadena. The professors joke that there's a tunnel connected from BYU to South Pas. It's the cutest town, only 12 miles from school, and all of the dental students hang out all the time and life is great. So anyways, wishing you both luck, if he gets in, feel free to contact me and I can give you people's info who have apartments for rent!

Ali said...

Good luck on all of your upcoming boards! You will do great and pass them all! I was SO nervous for anesthesia boards, my hand was shaking like a leaf! Such a relief to get them all over with. And you will love working in real life so much better than being in school! It will be a good change. And you'll have a whopping paycheck to enjoy too, especially if you move out of Utah (I was paid $15 less AN HOUR in Utah than in Seattle!)!

Doyle and Chelsea said...

yes!! i hope the next 7 weeks fly by!!!!

Reimstar said...

Oh yay! That is just so great! We are so happy for you! But we are sad because we hardly see you enough as it is! Whats it going to be like when you're in another state! :( But happy for you!

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