Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Can I make it to april

I am SO sick of school. I just have to keep telling myself.. only 1 and a half semesters left and you are done FOREVER! the tests, the early morning class, the rediculous rules, the requirements, the homework, studying for boards, never again. Whew.. I can do it.. ha. the thing is I know that once I am officially done and out working in my real job I will miss it a little. Whenever I have a break from school, like way back in the day when I actually had summer break, I would always end up missing school. Not the homework, but being able to learn. I love to learn. I could see myself going back to school just to continue learning. Maybe, but for now I like the thought of never returning to that life again. :-D anyways.. I' m rambeling. I feel much better now that this is all out in writting.. I think I might be able to make it to april.


Ali said...

Just think of your first pay check! That will make it all so worth it! And don't worry, you'll have CE credits to keep you learning every year. oh joy! Good luck getting through, you can do it!!

Melody said...

You can do it! I know it's hard, but you'll make it!

Darren and Brandi said...

i feel your pain! wish i would be done that soon! we can do this! :)

CandiSe said...

OH, sweet Melody,
I LOVE that you think there is a chance at being done with school forever. My sweet, young, naive Melody... Good luck with that :D

ps Love you!

Tyson and Lana Hansen said...

Ya I agree with it all-early mornings, rediculous requirements, never-ending exams-but we're so close!! Its hard to believe that we'll be graduated in just 6 months!

Jake and Jenna said...

i TOTALLY know how you feel. i think i have an obsession with learning, which is probably why i love to read so much. i miss school like crazy. sometimes i think about going back and getting my masters, but then i'm like... uhhh how would i do that with a child? i'm sure i could work it out somehow. ANYWAY, just keep on pushing. after christmas (which is seriously not far away), april will come so fast. i believe in you!

Matt and Dani said...

I hear ya girl! It will all be worth it in the end! PROMISE!! You are great!

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-e.e. cummings

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