Tuesday, September 29, 2009

: . Bear Lake! . :

This last weekend was seriously such a BLAST in half! Our friends Lizzie and Rob were so nice to invite us and a whole group of us friends from school to come and stay at robs parents cabin for the weekend. We had SO much fun. We were able to do tons of things. There was never a dull moment! We got to go ride around on 4 wheelers, went boating for a day, horseback riding, Bon fire in the back while we played mafia all night, and we played TONS of games. We learned a couple new games that I had never played before and I really liked them because they had lots of interaction. Every meal was amazing too! We each took different meals to make and I loved all of them! Overall we did NOT want to leave back to reality on sunday.. but sadly we had to. Thanks so so much girls and boys for such a good time!

Ben and I on the first night up there during the bon fire...
Us girls minus Kandace on the first night there..
Little Kandi and Joey... such a cute couple
Matt and Caitlyn.. they are a riot.
Callie and tyler.. lookin all cute on the boat!
Brittany and Parker on the boat... seriously a model couple
Ben surfing it up behind the boat
us again....
Lizzie and Rob.. soooo fun!
Ben has never gotten to ride a horse before.. it was SOO cute becuase he was seriously like a little kid up on the horse! He couldn't stop smiling, and afterwards he was like... now i want a horse ranch when we grow up! haha.. it was pretty funny
Here are a few of us before going up the mountain on our ride!
Riding the rambler.. we got to 4 wheel and ride these around the hills, and it was way fun!
This pictures a little blurry but I like it anyways, us girls standin on the porch! Love these girls..

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