Thursday, May 28, 2009

Dental Hygiene School

This is the story of my life these days! In just about a week or so we will start doing anesthetics.. AHHH!!! We have to give EACHOTHER 27 different shots.... a little scary. So Ill be walking around numb every tuesday and thursday.. haha.. so fun! Its crazy to think about how fast everything has been going. I graduate in LESS then a year!! I can't even believe it! and Ben takes the DAT next friday! he has been studying his brains out...every morning he leaves around 8 am and studies all the way until about 4 pm or so. We are hopeing and praying for at least a 19.. ah! So scary... Its just so exciting right now seeing our plans actually falling into place. Im on my way to being a dental hygienist and we will find out soon enough if ben makes it into dental school! Then who knows where we will be going... boston, Washington, Kentucky (haha), Arizona who knows! I don't want to get to excited just yet, most people have to apply at least twice, but ben is pretty smart.. not to brag or anything! :-D.. Anyways, life is good. I can see a future and i like it.. thats all! have a fabulous day!


Melody said...

I read your blog!

I'm glad you had fun on your vacation. It sounds like it was awesome!

And dental hygiene school... ouch. Hard, man. Good luck to you and Ben!

Reimstar said...

Ohh yay! Its so good to see updated pictures! We miss you guys like crazy! I'm sad we haven't been there to celebrate with you! I can't believe how fast time is flying either, it is great you're so close to being done! Good luck to Ben on the DAT, he is soo smart, he will do great! We really miss you guys, wish you were here!

Ali said...

Hi - I just happened to look at your blog today and just have to comment on the shots in hygiene school! I am SO with you...I remember being numb every Wednesday and I despised it!! Even accidentally poked my classmate in the lip b/c I was so nervous. oops! School will keep flying by, esp when boards, etc, get nearer! I love being a hygienist and I know you will too! Tell Ben good luck and we hope he goes to UW!

Tyler and Lara said...

Melody! I found your blog through meghan's. You and ben are so adorable!! I love the vase you guys made, very professional! Hope you're having a good weekend!

Reimstar said...

Congrats to ben! Yay the DAT is over! What a relief!

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