Sunday, November 30, 2008

Adventure to the Hot springs.

The amazing hot springs..

In the hot spring......

The most beautiful hot springs I've seen.

On our hike on the way up to the hot spring.

A pretty little waterfall on the way.

During our thanksgiving break Ben and I decided to go on a hike up to these really cool hot springs! We were told it was less then a mile hike but really it was at least three miles to get there. I probably would have worn better shoes if I had known that. Anyways, the hike was well worth it. I have never seen such a beautiful place! the water was aqua blue in some parts, and then a clear green color in others. You can kind of see it in the pictures, but a picture never quite grasps how great it really is. There is also a big water fall but we didn't get to take a picture of it because there were some naked boys over in that area! haha.. i didn't see them but ben did! ha.. it was a pretty cool adventure!


Doyle Johnson said...

that place looks cool!! where is it? i was meaning to ask you at school, but forgot!!

Doyle Johnson said...

oops, i posted under my husband's account, but i will clarify that this is Chelsea Johnson so you don't get creeped out.

The Bergquists said...

That is so cool where is it at?? Love it!

Jake and Jenna said...

finally i found your blog! love it. when can we hang out again?

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